Diving Red Sea

July 1996 -

         November 2010



Rates and Miscellaneous Information

The Palouse

Summer afternoons are breath taking. Evenings are special, the stars are bright, No insects make viewing the heavens fun and educational.

2019 Rates

Monthly $375.00 includes water, sewer, trash, snow plow. Power billed as metered. $100 deposit required for power. Cable provided by Colfax Cable requires additional monthly charge, or bring own.

MONTHly Weather

November 2019   High 37 - 51    Low  18 - 43

December 2019   High 24 - 44   Low  10 - 37

City Services

Water, Sewer, Trash, Cell Tower. 

Cable TV & Internet services available. 

Golf in town is open 7 days a week

Gold & Silver

Paper Gold November 2019.......$1520 oz

Real Gold November 2019.........$1790 oz

Paper Silver November 2019.....$18.25 oz

Real Silver November 2019.......$22.55 oz

Sophie Welcomes you to

the Park for year 2020